2016 AlkaViva Alkaline Ionizer Water Systems
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2016 AlkaViva Alkaline Ionized Water Systems
The most affordable and reliable alkaline ionizer water systems today!     
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2016 AlkaViva Alkaline Water Ionizers

Welcome to the pH Connection - Your Alkaline Ionized Water Specialists.
Here you will find out about the amazing properties and benefits of alkaline ionized water.

As an authorized and Secure AlkaViva
Dealer our commitment is to help you make an educated choice about the water you drink.

We offer a wide range of ionizers from portables to domestic units to large commercial units with bottling capabilities.

take your time.
This site holds much of the information you need, to make your own life-changing decisions about the water you drink.

 Dr. Emoto's
Water Test

Our policy is to provide the best quality alkaline water purifiers  - with quality service. You have access to specialists who are dedicated to natural health and understand the benefits of alkalizing your body. Your comments and questions are welcomed and with no pressure to buy.

Discover why your clean water may not be healthy.

Find out how energized, ionized, alkaline water can benefit you and your family.

Bookmark and Enjoy the Articles in our Library.

The products found here are the most advanced we have been able to find, in our quest to improve wellness and reduce environmental stress. You are offered what we believe are top quality, reliable products at unbeatable prices.

All the Alkaline Ionized Water Systems we sell have been USA tested. Customer testimonials, in original form, are available at the head office.

This website has been constructed to enable you to make educated and value-based decisions about how you can improve your life ... naturally.

AlkaViva is the largest supplier of alkaline water ionizers outside Asia and offers solid ongoing customer and dealer support.

Long Life and Good Health!

For more clarification on any of the water ionizer brands please
Michael Lofrano 732-276-7500    Health and Wellness Systems, Inc. 


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